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SRI LANKAN SHORT STORIES in English is an expansion of A Selections of which we edited in 1992.That book, intended primarily as a text book for the newer universities that were beginning to pay more attention to Sri Lankan writing in English, brought together stories by four leading Sri Lankan writers in English. Recommended for high education university student.

Rajiva Wijesinha
Dinali Fernando

955-8975-32-x  Rs.350/-



THE LIMITS OF LOVE This novel is the last in the trilogy that began with Acts of faith published shortly after the events of 1983 that have had such a traumatic effects on Sri Lanka for the last twenty years .as with that novel, the events in this one clearly relate to actual events. However, as in the case of novel, no character here is based on any single actual person.






This book consists of articles written for various newspaper over the last few years, in particular for the Sunday Standard and the Daily News.

Rajiva Wijesinha

955-8975-33-8 Rs.325/-

MODERN SRI LANKAN POETRY IN ENGLISH The anthology initially included, in addition to the poetry, a selection of essays and reviews. Recommended for high education university student.

Rajiva Wijesinha 955-8975-33-8

Rs. 325/-

Ideas for constitutional reforms This book is an abridged edition of the volume entitled Ideas for constitutional reforms, edited by Dr Chanaka Amarathunga, founder of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka. It was published in 1989 by the Council for Liberal democracy ,a body he had also established ,to bring together all those of liberal ideas.

• 1978The Liberal Vision:

• Towards a democratic constitution for Sri Lanka:

• Constitutional Reform:

• Principal themes
• Prelude to a new constitutional order:
• The effectiveness of parliament as an Instrument of pluralist democracy:

• The decline of the Sri Lankan parliament and its relation to the collapse of liberal in Sri Lanka

• The effectiveness of parliament:


Contents in brief

• Chamber in Sri Lanka
• Political Pluralism as a necessary condition of liberal democracy :

• Conclusion of the Seminars on parliament

• The Executive Presidency under the constitution of the second republic (1978)

• Alternative Institutional Forms for the Sri Lankan state

• Decentralization ,Devolution of Federalism in Sri Lanka


• Checking democracy
• Judicial Review of Legislative and

• Administrative Action
• The role of the Judiciary in the protection of constitutional Rights

• Human Rights

• Conclusions of the Seminars on Other Political Structures.


Rs. 350/-

PARTITION AND DIVIDED SELVES: BRITISH INADEQUACIES IN PAUL SCOTT‘S RAJ In an essay entitled “After Marabar: Britain and India, A Post – Forsterian View” Paul Scott gave a thumbnail introduction to his first eight novels which he had completed before embarking on ‘The Raj Quarter’.

Contents in Brief

• Duty and Commitment
• Mixed motives and desires
• Isolation, power and perversity
• Without work and without illusions
• A deeper communion
• Sex and the single girl
• The Hollow men
• Travesties

Rajiva Wijesinha
78-955-1732-08-0 Rs. 425/-

My illustrious father Warnakulasuriya
Santiyago Fernando (1904-91)
was a man of many parts. I need not dwell here on his remarkable achievements because the article contained in this book writing by so many eminent personalities cover all the aspects of his life.

W.T.A Fernando

955-8975-42-7 Rs. 250/-
Tea and Sympathy Tea and Sympathy The traditional of autobiography is something new in Sri Lanka. With the possible exception of Tibet, there has been no indigenous tradition of Auto autobiographical writing in the whole of South and Southeast Asia from very ancient time.

Derrick Nugawela

978-555-1732-11-0 Rs. 990/-
Pursuing Peace, Fighting Falsehood Pursuing Peace, Fighting Falsehood Rajiva Wijesinha 978-955-1732-21-9 Rs. 750/-
Travelling Woman Travelling Woman Jean Arasanayagam 978 -955- 1732- 10 -3 Rs. 350/-
Lest We Forget: the tragedy of July 1983 Lest We Forget: the tragedy of July 1983 Rajiva Wijesinha 978- 955-1732-48-6 Rs. 600/-
Dark Clouds Turning Silver W.T.A. Leslie Fernando 978-955-1732 -20 -2 Rs. 650/-

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