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Are you or someone you know suffering from depression and/or anxiety? If so, you should definitely seek professional help at a qualified mental health center or clinic. There are many options when it comes to dealing with the many challenges that come along with depression and anxiety in adults. Many people turn to therapy as a possible solution to their problems. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some of the benefits of Tampa Counseling Services (TCS) for adults suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

Counseling Individuals With Depression


What exactly is depression and anxiety? These mental illnesses often times begins during childhood years when biological, physiological, and emotional factors combine to create negative life experiences for an individual. This commonly occurs in individuals experiencing severe life transitions such as unemployment or changes in family dynamics. As these transitions are typically difficult for any adult to deal with alone, often times seeking the assistance of others is a helpful solution.


What is “trauma”? Simply put, trauma is any life experience that involves rejection, abuse, exposure to violence or stress. Any event that results in extreme psychological or physical reaction can be classified as a trauma. For example, stress, abuse, or even a traumatic death can all be considered traumas for the individual who has experienced them.


How can adults deal with these life transitions effectively? By working with trained therapists and social workers, those individuals are able to work through their difficulties and discover new ways of thinking and coping with changes in life. In most cases, individuals will find that their new found happiness and feelings of joy usually lead to improvement in other areas of their lives. These benefits are often times unexpected. For instance, those who have suffered from childhood traumas may begin to develop healthier coping skills, which then can benefit their overall health and happiness.


Depression and anxiety often co-occur with other mental health disorders. The co-occurrence of these disorders is often times not noticed until it is too late. It is important to keep in mind that the body image problems that plague the mentally ill can also negatively impact the physical body. This is because the body image problems can make it difficult for individuals to maintain a healthy self image.


In today’s society, the number of adults who are dealing with the after effects of trauma and/or depression is greater than ever. This increase in the numbers of adults who are dealing with such issues is due, in large part, to the fact that children are now embracing new ways of being and expressing themselves. The increase in the number of individuals who are dealing with these types of disorders is also due to the fact that it is becoming more socially acceptable for children to speak about their feelings and to come forward as they need help with their mental health issues. Finally, there is the issue of hyperactivity disorders in children. Although many children who are diagnosed with hyperactivity disorders do not outgrow or need treatment, some individuals who are diagnosed with hyperactivity disorders are not able to live as normal a life as a normal child would.

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